What is Mercier Therapy?

Mercier Therapy is a deep pelvic visceral manipulation protocol that will help restore organ mobility and blood flow so that the pelvic organs can function optimally. The protocol is offered over four to six weeks with six individual sessions. Mercier Therapy is completed externally with no intravaginal work. Each session typically tends to feel quite different from the other as scar tissue is reduced, blood flow returns and the tissues come back online. It is not a massage and does not involve a self-care practice to be completed between sessions.

Due to Mercier Therapy working deep in the pelvic space to promote optimal functioning of the pelvic organs, it can be helpful for a wide range of pelvic and reproductive health issues including:

· Fertility challenges

· Caesarean recovery

· Scar tissue treatment

· Endometriosis

· Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)

· Pelvic pain

· Recurring urinary tract infections

· Painful or absent periods

· Low or poor ovarian reserve

As blood flow returns to the pelvic organs and tissues, the muscles and ligaments improve in functioning as well as reproductive hormones. In turn, this can have a dramatic impact on the rest of your body and health as hormonal health effects far more than just our ability to reproduce.

Due to Mercier Therapy being non-invasive and drug-free it is a very safe approach to supporting pelvic and reproductive health. However, the treatment is not appropriate for women with an intra-uterine device (IUD), Essure, experiencing a pelvic infection, or any form of known cancerous cells.

Mercier Therapy is performed with constant communication between myself and my client about how it’s feeling. As the pelvic space holds so much tension it is not uncommon that women may feel a rising of emotions during the treatment. This is completely welcome and okay. There is no rush and you will be supported in navigating whatever arises for you and the potential meaning or healing therein.

While Mercier Therapy should not be painful it can be experienced intensely with varying levels of discomfort. This is often related to the extent of restrictions and scar tissue found within the pelvic region.

I was extremely fortunate to complete my Mercier Therapy training and Mercier Fertility Specialist Certification with Jennifer Mercier ( in the stunning medieval city, Dubrovnik in Croatia. It was a short plane ride for me coming from Switzerland, however, Dr Jennifer Mercier flew all the way from America to provide the training. It seemed like the odds were against us with all the worldwide restrictions and hysteria of 2021, however, we were all determined to make it happen since we knew how important it is to get this vital work out to the women of the world. We spent the mornings studying the pelvic space, lunchtimes at an amazing café nearby, and the afternoons practicing and perfecting the protocol itself. It is an honour to be able to provide Mercier Therapy to women and support them in their journey of healing.

If you would like to learn more about Mercier Therapy then don’t hesitate to enquire. We can chat on the phone or discuss it in depth during a consultation. There are also several podcasts and videos about Mercier Therapy. You can watch this video of world champion UFC fighter, Julianna Pena, discuss her recovery with Mercier Therapy following her caesarean. I also recommend heading over to Jennifer Mercier’s page – – and exploring the many videos of people sharing their stories of healing, thanks to Mercier Therapy.

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