Ananda Woman is a holistic women's health practice that specialises in restoring health and vitality within the pelvic space which in turn supports the whole body. Treatment is a combination of modalities which can involve hands-on physical manipulation of the pelvic organs, muscles, bones and fascia. Meanwhile lifestyle, emotional and environmental aspects of your life are always addressed.

Pelvic care is an area of health that is often overlooked by women and treating health professionals until clear symptoms of dysfunction have developed. You do not need to wait until you have developed problematic symptoms. All women are welcome and encouraged to tend to their pelvic health proactively.

Services are provided within the Northern Rivers region of NSW, Australia and online consultations are available worldwide.

Painful Periods

Contrary to what most women believe is 'normal' anything more than 30 minutes of mild discomfort per cycle is an indication of imbalance within the pelvis.

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Fertility Support

Mercier Therapy has been found to have an 80% efficacy rate of achieving pregnancy post treatment in women experiencing fertility issues.

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Caesarean Recovery

A caesarian is major surgery. However, unlike hip replacements, cardiac surgery or other common major surgeries, rehabilitation or recovery programs post caesarian surgery is unheard of. Holistic care is provided at Ananda Woman to support recovery. Learn more.

Birth Healing

Unfortunately birth trauma is not an uncommon experience. Let yourself be supported to connect with your body and cultivate healing through a combination of bodywork and emotional support.

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Cycle Awareness

Do you know all the phases of your monthly cycle? Do you know the different foods and activities that can support you depending on which phase you are in? Understanding your cycle is vital to living in balance with your natural rhythms.

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Pelvic Pain

Experiencing pain in your pelvic space is a sign of imbalance.

Treating pelvic pain typically involves a multifaceted approach including visceral manipulation (Mercier Therapy), guided breathing, meditation and relaxation techniques. Learn More.

Irregular Menstrual Cycles

Periods are increasingly considered a fifth vital sign, however most women do not understand what their menstrual cycles can tell them about their health. Learn the language of your cycle.

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Improve adhesions and pain in your pelvis through hands-on therapy that directly and gently works on the muscles, fascia and bones.

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There are specific physiological needs to ensure a full recovery following abortion, miscarriage and stillbirth. Physical and emotional care is provided by Ananda Woman.
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Loss Support

If any of the above health concerns are relevant to you or if you are experiencing something not listed, or

perhaps you have no health concerns and simply wish to connect to your body more, then enquire now or

read more about the offerings provided.


Kaitlin Howe

B.HSc, M. OT (Hons)

Occupational Therapist

Mercier Therapy Practitioner

Holistic Women's Health Practitioner

My name is Kaitlin, I'm the creator of Ananda Woman. I completed my Bachelor of Health Science (Honours) and Master of Occupational Therapy in 2016 and went on to work in multiple healthcare fields in Australia and abroad. Having experienced my own pelvic health issues for many years, I recognised holistic care for women is extremely difficult to find and was inspired to complete several professional trainings, and a lot of unlearning, to provide care that supports balance and thriving health within the pelvic space.

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Women who have that inner Ananda cannot be disturbed by sorrow or pain in body or mind. Ananda is a fullness of feeling in which we can discover our true self in all beings. It is not a denial of sorrow or pain, rather Ananda is the transcendence of them. Women who embody Ananda can experience all that life has to offer, extracting the essence of creative delight behind the universal movement on all planes of existence.

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